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Football by Numbers is a podcast series about numbers and the footballers that wear them. Specifically the players who have worn the wrong number for their position, attitude or haircut and refused to change their stubborn little ways. Each week, your hosts Tim (the temperament and fitness of a mardy no.10 with the ability of a throw-in specialist no.2) and Bryan (composure of a marauding no.6 sweeper but as workshy as a touchline hugging no.11) will guide you through the characteristics it takes to successfully fill the squad number in question. We will then argue the toss which of our painstakingly researched (googled) players should have the honour of making it into our all time Wrong XI.



If you are under the age of 28 you will understand little to none of what we are going on about. There is a heavy focus on football from the 90s because that was the era we grew up in and once we got the taste for beer our interest wained slightly and our ability to create memories all but disappeared.






line up

Revealed! The final all time wrong number number XI. 
Absolutely hideous!




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